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What Could It Be?


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Daisy Cupcakes

IMG_4428Oh sweet cupcake!  What is better than a pint size, cool, sweet, decadant cupcake to call your own.  Tell you what, everyone needs to take a break out of there busy days, find a quiet place to sit, and enjoy one of these little jewels of the cake world.  It allows you to splurge, but just enough as to not feel guilty five minutes later.  So next time you get so involved with daily issues (which probably isn’t that important anyway!) grab a cupcake, sit down, and ENJOY!  I promise your world will not fall from its axis and explode just because you ate a cupcake!

The Belly Cake

IMG_4449The Belly Cake is just that.  A big ole baby belly!  It seems to go over really well with the baby showers lately.  I’ve done a good many over the years, with the theme getting a little more modern each time.  I’ve even done a zebra themed belly cake recently that’s pictured below.


The best thing about the belly cake is there are so fun to make.  I use a half an egg pan for the belly and two cupcakes for the chest.  The cakes are covered in buttercream, except for the belly and accents are fondant.  Fun Fun!!

50th Anniversary Cake



              This is my first “big” cake order.  It was mighty big in fact.  The tiers were 14″, 12″, 8″ and 6″,  with an additional 2 side cakes that are 10″.  The daisies are gumpaste.  The fresh greenery was added by the flori It was fun to do, but wouldn’t want to do it anytime soon again.  I stayed up until 3:30 am the night before making sure everything was done for the next morning.  I’m not usually without my 8 hours of sleep, so 4 hours wasn’t that good to me.  But it’s over, everyone loved it, and it is just a pretty picture now!

Canning Beets

IMG_4142BEETS !?!?!

My first attempt at canning this summer and I tackled BEETS!

It was a good feeling to be able to plant them, harvest them, and bring them in for canning.  It was also funny, cause I don’t much like beets.  But who cares right?!  It was just the fact of the matter.  Growing and storing your very own bounty.  Ahhh, nothing like it!

It took the better part of my day and stunk up my house from what my children saiIMG_4141d!

Banana Pudding Parfait

IMG_4183Can you say mmmmm!!!

Banana Pudding to die for!  This is Paula Deans recipe I found on one of my favorite sites.  But I’m too poor to use the Pepperidge Farm cookies, so I used plan ole vanilla wafers, which worked just wonderful.

I think this is one of the most comforting foods you can eat in the summer time without getting “too heavy” on your summer tummy.  Then again it’ll do some damage to your summer “hips” though.

Coconut Chocolates



Coconut Chocolates

Ever has a bag of desiccated coconut laying around?  Well I have.  I bought it from a local cake supply store a little while ago thinking I really needed it.  I didn’t need it, no more than 95% of the other things I purchase on a whim!  But now that I did, I needed to find a “real” purpose for it. Continue reading