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Our Pets


"What are you looking at?"

This is Gabo.  He’s our sons bearded dragon.  The little monster eats more crickets than I care to count!  I’ve really got to  learn to say “NO!”  He was Ty’s christmas present and has been costing us ever since.  One word of advice for someone wanting a bearded dragon…


 Learn how to raise your own crickets and fresh greens! 

This is key to not wondering if you could flush a lizard down the toilet like you can fish!  He is different, I give him that.  They do have personalities unlike other reptiles.  And are very tolerant to being held.  But I did give you fair warning!




 This handsome fellow has been with us the longest.  His name is Poe and he belongs to our son as well.  He is about 11 years old now and still ornery as ever.  I guess it’s that Siamese blood in him.  Is it true that Siamese cats really cross their eyes?  Sometimes we’ve caught him with a funny cross-eyed look!  Maybe he’s just that goofy all by himself, who knows.  But Poe is definately a part of the family.


IMG_4001Now Luke on the other hand, has been with us for only about 4 years.  His sweet face is not something to fall for!  He belongs to our daughter and was affectionately named after Luke Skywalker!  (She watches way too many old movies)  My husband would love to spend one day not having to remove white hairs from his clothing, but it looks like lint rollers are in our future for an indefinite time.


On the4 canine side of things, we have Shane.  He is our all around fun loving Chocolate Lab.  Shane is a really good boy.  Does (mostly) what he’s told, is loyal, and is always happy to see you!  He’s about 6 years old now and loves as much attention as he can get.  You can see more of him here.


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  1. where’s Joesie and Shane?

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